Top 10 foods to make us happy (11 photos)

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Do you think you can not find happiness in a bowl? Quite the contrary. After all, some of the products - are natural anti-depressants, which stimulate the production of happy hormones in the human body. If you want to make your menu is not only delicious, but also improve your mood, then read about the 10 products makes us happy.

 Bananas - is a source of tryptophan sweet A from tryptophan, as is known, is formed of serotonin, which is called hormone happiness. Contained in bananas minerals and vitamins (magnesium, potassium, B vitamins) also play a very important role in the functioning of our nervous system - support us in the fight against stress and fatigue. Bananas - an excellent source of easily digestible simple carbohydrates. If you are tired or you do not have enough energy, eat a banana, he quickly put you "on their feet" - pure glucose almost immediately goes into our cells and we feel a surge of strength.

Chili: endorphins as a reward for the pain After eating a small piece of chili peppers, we feel as if the fire is burning in the mouth. This is due to the contained capsaicin - alkaloid imparting sharp taste. Capsaicin causes the excitation of the human nervous system, similar to that which occurs when we are scalded or injured. In such cases, the nervous system pain sends an alarm. Our body to help yourself get rid of suffering, begins production of endorphins - natural painkillers that cause a state of euphoria and happiness. Chili also helps improve metabolism, but it should be remembered that the capsaicin in large quantities is harmful to the liver. So do not go overboard in their attempts to become happy, eating hot peppers.

Whole grains for optimal functioning of the nervous system to our nervous system to work at full capacity, it needs to produce energy from carbohydrates.And the best for our bodies are complex carbohydrates, ie whole grains: brown bread, pasta, cereals. They are absorbed slowly, does not cause as simple carbohydrates, glycemic shock when the postprandial blood sugar level first increases rapidly, resulting in large amounts produces insulin, which in turn contributes to a drastic reduction of sugar to an even lower level than before meals. Whole grains also contain B vitamins and magnesium, which have anti-stress properties and fiber improves metabolism.

Saltwater fish, especially oily - it's a great source of omega-3 and vitamin D Unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, which are abundant in fatty fish: salmon, horse mackerel, sardine, herring, are not only useful for the cardiovascular system, but also a positive effect on our health. According to research, people who suffer from depression, it was noted low levels of these fats. Adding menu fatty fish, we not only improve mood, but also the blood circulation, which speeds up the transmission of nerve signals, and thus has a positive effect on memory and intelligence. proven that children who eat a lot of fish, grow better. In addition, the fish - it's a real treasure trove of vitamin D, which is produced in the body by exposure to sunlight. Therefore, in the cold and cloudy time of year you need to eat a lot of fish, which make up this deficit, so necessary for the well-being of the substance.

Chocolate - stimulating force of caffeine and theobromine Chocolate contains a substance stimulating the nervous system: caffeine and stimulating alkaloid - theobromine, which has a similar, but weaker effect. Eating a piece of chocolate we overwhelmed with joy. This happens because the body produces endorphins, which induce a state of euphoria. However, too much chocolate eaten due to high blood sugar levels can cause mood swings.Therefore, chocolate is good in moderation. Is to choose chocolate with a high content of cocoa - it is considered more useful than the other varieties.

Spinach - a source of folic acid in spinach contains a lot of folic acid, which is essential for the proper development and functioning of the human nervous system, especially in utero. Consumption of foods rich in folic acid helps produce the hormone of happiness - serotonin, which improves mood and makes us happy. That folic acid is well absorbed, it must be taken with products containing a large amount of iron, such as red meat. If you do not like spinach, you can replace it with broccoli, brussels sprouts, or lettuce.

Raw vegetables - it's not just a storehouse of vitamins In addition to the high content of vitamins, one should not underestimate the other anti-stress properties of raw vegetables, associated with the process of their consumption. In stressful situations, people tend to clenching of the teeth and jaws, and those who are constantly nervous, this intensity of facial muscles can become chronic. Chewing and nibbles fresh vegetables acts as gymnastics and relaxes the muscles of the face and jaws, and also helps to get rid of nervous tension caused by headaches.

Lean meat has a calming and relaxing effect Lean meat (chicken, turkey) is a valuable source of tryptophan needed to produce the hormone of happiness - serotonin. In combination with carbohydrates (eg, 2 potatoes, a slice of bread or a few boiled carrots) not only improves mood, but also has a relaxing and calming effect. Lean meat poultry, lean beef or pork tyrosine contain a substance that participates in the regulation of mood. Synthesized from tyrosine, dopamine and norepinephrine - important neurotransmitters that affect our well-being - sharpen alertness, improve attention and memory, help to concentrate.

Nuts - a source of "good" fatty acids, vitamin E and magnesium Nuts than useful for the fatty acids contain a large amount of magnesium, which has an anti-stress effect. Especially valuable are Brazil nuts, which are also rich in selenium plant origin. Only three Brazilian walnut per day provide daily human need for this substance. It is proved that the lack of selenium in the body causes a feeling of anxiety, irritability, fatigue, and can lead to depression.Consequently, consumption of just a few nuts a day will not only help avoid depression, but will make us happier.

St. John's wort - the best natural antidepressant Due to the content of substances such as hypericin and hyperforin, St. John's called the "golden weed" - it regulates mood, reduces anxiety and treats depression. Maybe that's why St. John's wort in the ancient folk beliefs considered a remedy for the evil spirits? summer, however it should be used very carefully, as hypericin causes photosensitivity. And if we stay too long in the sun, after drank napar of St. John's wort, we can get a sunburn.

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