Poisonous fruits and vegetables every day we consume in food (11 photos)

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Even without knowing it, every day we eat foods that contain in their composition are the real poison. Assuming that nothing can be more useful than fruits and vegetables, we do not even suspect how wrong. There are cases where people have died from taking the usual food and seemingly harmless plants or fruit. Present a list of ten fruits and vegetables, there are may be unsafe.

1 Almond. 
Many believe that almond is a nut, but in fact it is dried fruit, often used for desserts. 
Few people know that flavored bitter almonds contains incorporates poisonous cyanide. So take it for food without pre-treatment is not recommended.

2 Cashew. 
Cashew is not a nut, but a seed derived from cashew fruit. 
Before selling cashew steamed. This is necessary to get rid of the substance urushiol, which can easily cause allergic reactions. 
itself substance is so dangerous in large quantities that workers processing cashew often feel irritated skin.

3 Cherries. Cherry stones. 
Bones of many fruits, including cherries contain cyanide. Therefore, it is not necessary to crack or chew cherry pits, that hydrogen cyanide has not got to you in the body. In a small number of bones are not dangerous, but should not be abused, unless you want to experience symptoms such as headache, dizziness and vomiting.

4 asparagus. 
Asparagus Fruit enough poisonous. Since ancient times, this vegetable is used not only as food but also as a medicine.

5 Tomatoes. Green tomatoes. 
In one part of the world tomatoes are considered vegetables, while in the other they are considered fruit, or more precisely, the berries. 
The composition of leaves and stems of tomato glycoalkaloid included, which can cause nervousness, headache and upset stomach.

6 Nutmeg. 
The composition of nutmeg include psychoactive substance myristicin, which in large quantities can cause vomiting, dizziness and even hallucinations. Fortunately, nutmeg is not used in the dishes in quantities that can lead to such consequences. 
alarming but the fact that teenagers have recently started to use the nut as a light drug.

7 Mushrooms. Edible and poisonous mushrooms. 
Fungi are divided into edible, which in some countries even considered a delicacy, and poisonous. Many in the collection of fungi are guided by a ring on their leg, which, in their opinion, may be evidence of their toxicity. In fact it is not and you can make mistakes that will lead to disastrous consequences. 
Time of onset of mushroom poisoning may occur as soon after receiving their food, and after 8-12 hours. And you can not only poison poisonous mushrooms, but also edible, but cooked properly.

8 Chocolate. 
For people chocolate is not poisonous, but for cats and dogs substance theobromine contained in it is dangerous. So do not spoil their pets chocolate sweets.

9 Green potatoes. 
Potatoes - the most common vegetable in the world, which contains the stems and leaves glikoalkaoidy. To use green or sprouted tubers for food is not recommended because they contain solanine, which can cause poisoning.

10 Apples. Apple seeds. 
Apple seeds contain dangerous cyanide, albeit in small quantities. Swallowing a few seeds, you will not feel any discomfort, but abusing them is not necessary
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